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Our values

The values, on which 2KMM is based and developed are present in everything that we do and say.

Openness and sincerity

We like clear agreements and measurable criteria of realization thereof.

We live up to our obligations. We are sincere once the changes in tasks and projects emerge.

We listen to our Customers and don’t hesitate to present our point of view.

We share – knowledge, experience and successes.

We like to show the initiative and we support those, who have it as well.

We like to be evaluated – positively and negatively.

We quickly and openly comment on the changes taking place in our company.

Honesty and diligence

We take responsibility for our Customers’ goals, accepting them as ours.

Whenever our Customers need help, we act first, and then fix up the formal details.

We deeply respect the skills and competence of our colleagues and Customers.

We feel responsible for the others.

We provide our Customers with the best solutions, not merely the most profitable from our point of view.

We personally deliver the ready solution to the Customer, unless he wishes otherwise.


We’d like to contribute to the development of the society that we live in.

We support talented individuals, so they can make the most of their potential in our company.

We observe the balanced approach and business ethics.

We feel responsible for the environment that we live and operate in.