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Services and solutions proven effective in the research studies

2KMM organizes and executes research projects for pharmaceutical industry, biomedicine and healthcare. Ranging over various complexity levels they usually include multicenter, international, multilingual studies, retrospective and prospective, both epidemiological and from the pharmacoeconomics and pharmacovigilance areas. Our solutions are used in registries, as well as in non-interventional and clinical trials.

We are also a trusted provider of IT solutions for comprehensive support of research studies and business processes related to them.

2KMM offers solutions proven effective in a few dozen projects facilitating the study execution at every stage, from planning and data collection to the development of final reports and accounting for the works. Each time such our solutions are customized to suit the individual requirements of the sponsor and the study.

Apart from our standard array of products we develop custom-tailored solutions based on the latest information technologies, the world’s recognized standards and meeting the needs of the life sciences market.

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Our solutions


GoResearch™ is a fully validated, innovative internet platform for Electronic Data Capture (EDC).

Created by 2KMM for research projects such as clinical/observational studies and the registries of patients. It offers a wide range of features supporting such projects in various areas.

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This smart application lets you design and conduct a survey, evaluation, training, or even a simple observational study in an exceptionally short time. More information and a demo version can be found on the product website





GoProject™ is an application platform for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries supporting the project management in clinical studies.

GoProject™ has been developed in cooperation with KCR S.A. – a leading European CRO.

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GoFlow™ is an internet system for managing civil-law contracts concluded in relation with the research projects for pharmaceutical and biomedical industries and medicine.

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