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Introducing GoProject™

GoProject™ is an application platform for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries supporting the project management in clinical studies.

GoProject™ enables to register contracts concluded between investigators and research centers – the system records basic information identifying a certain contract/appendix (e.g. investigator/site names, dates of launching and completing the study, study location etc.).

Basing on the previously entered contract GoResearch enables to set up and edit a project, as well as to define tasks related to it.

GoProject™ facilitates the project plan development - it is particularly important to the investigators monitoring the course of the study to assign a specific task, together with its planned duration, to a certain project participant.

Thanks to the project specific task progress tracking GoProject enables to monitor the progress of study works and to manage the project.

GoProject™ facilitates the management of human and material resources, as well as the management of study budget. It also enhances monitoring, making it more detailed, easier and more effective. It enables to track the study progress in real time, manage the milestones and report the project effectiveness.

GoProject™ provides its authorized users with a global access to a centralized, secure, on-line database of documents related to the study (e.g. protocols, appendixes, FAQ etc.).

GoProject™ is customized to suit the specific requirements of each organization. The functionality available allows to create a complex, yet user-friendly environment meeting these requirements.

GoProject™ has been developed in cooperation with KCR S.A. – a leading European CRO.


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