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Scientific conferences and courses

We organize scientific conferences, seminars and workshops. For many years our company has been closely cooperating with numerous research and medical institutions related to the field of cardiology. We offer services tailored to your specific needs, as well as open training programs. We are flexible in adjusting the place and time of our meetings to the participants’ demands. In addition, 2KMM monitors the quality of its services, assessing the satisfaction of participants and the effectiveness of trainings with a dedicated electronic pool system.

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Scientific conferences

Events organized by our company are highly acclaimed. The lectures are given by the greatest names in the field. Satisfaction of the participants is reflected in the thriving attendance.






Workshops organized by our company have a firm audience, who is returning every year for another edition of our events. Practical classes are the highlight of these meetings.






Courses organized by 2KMM are directed to everyone who is in need of expanding or sorting out their knowledge in the field of medical statistics on both basic and advanced levels. We offer a broad range of courses tailored to clients' individual needs. The lectures and workshops are run by the experienced team of instructors, who guarantee the highest professional level and personal satisfaction to the participants.

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