IT Services

IT technologies in business

At 2KMM we assume that there are no two identical companies. Therefore, our cooperation with every new customer begins at the same starting point – a detailed analysis of their structure and environment plus learning about their specific problems and needs arising of them.

Basing on that we develop and help implementing the organizational and technological solutions improving company’s efficiency and quality, optimizing the business processes and lowering the operational costs – improving the organization both as a whole and in its specific areas.

We believe the technology alone is not a solution – in order to make our Customer’s business more effective, better in quality and more efficient we have to understand their activities, needs and requirements and then skillfully use our creativity. Therefore, first we have to understand how our Customer works and what are their needs, then employ our full potential of knowledge and experience to develop the best solution and finally put it into practice in cooperation with the Customer.

In our offer you will find only the solutions of which we are sure that they will help the Customers reach their goals – the solutions we would readily employ at 2KMM. That’s why, apart from the customized tools, which are already proven effective we often design and develop individual, turnkey solutions.

Comprehensive and effective

Our longstanding experience and competence in effectively employing the state of the art IT technologies allows us to present a comprehensive offer encompassing the IT services for business and institutional Customers, as well as for IT companies.

Our offer for business and institutional Customers encompasses, among others, a comprehensive supervision of IT projects, IT audits, implementation of the IT security systems, support in the implementation of norms and standards, business consulting, project management and development of the specialized IT tools.

IT companies are offered the execution of IT projects for their Customers as well as the participation in the development and implementation of IT systems.

Our solutions


This smart application lets you design and conduct a survey, evaluation, training, or even a simple observational study in an exceptionally short time. More information and a demo version can be found on the product website





GoQuality is a system supporting the development and management of Company’s quality model by introducing the definition of works, the management of projects, configuration, versions, finished products, risk and tests, as well as the management of the information access.

GoQuality has been developed basing on the solution prepared for one of the Polish R&D centers.

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Wonderspace is a programming library enabling to create multiplatform applications using 3D GUI to visualize 3D objects and their related information.

In 2KMM Wonderspace is used to develop the advanced software for registering information and presenting them in 3D. A good example may be the visualization of industry processes, simulators of vehicles, appliances and machines, monitoring systems, GIS class systems and many others.

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Compendium is a publication tool for hospital Management Boards ensuring the efficient monitoring of hospital performance.

Compendium collects and presents complete financial, statistical, personnel, salaries and income information at the click of a mouse.

Compendium has been developed to meet the increasing need for information reported by medical sites’ managers.

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