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Introducing GoQuality

GoQuality is a system supporting the development and management of company’s quality model by introducing the definition of works and the management of: projects, configuration, versions, finished products, risk, tests and information access. The system has been designed to support the planning and execution of projects related to the development, distribution and maintenance of non-numerous batches of complex products of flexible configuration and subject to versioning.

GoQuality is a basis for organization’s quality model and is prepared to handle module extensions, if required. Thanks to that it can be tailored to Customer’s specific needs. It is supplied together with a consultation service in order to assess the initial state of affairs, define the needs, depict the target situation, benefits expected after the tool is implemented and to develop a plan leading to the target situation. Only after these steps are taken it is possible to develop a system ideally tailored to the needs and characteristics of each Customer.

GoQuality encompasses the following five main functional/usage areas: definition and description of products, support of project execution, circulation of finished and semi-finished products, version management and the management of communication and information access.

The system enables to record and analyze projects’ execution by task, financial and time parameters, with a special attention to products and their configuration. It allows to register the stages of project team works, supports the assignment of works to project participants and allows to control task execution. It also enables to run the project risk register.

Using the system you will be able to register the types of your products and assign any set of features to them. It will also be easier to define the structure of complex products’ components, manage the configuration of products and versions of their components, including versions of software and manuals.

GoQuality is equipped with a functionality allowing to track finished and semi-finished products and to register warehouse and other operations: receipts, releases, internal reallocations of products. It also enables to register the documents related to the process.

GoQuality supports company’s Management Board in planning and organization of product, R&D and marketing projects as well as other types thereof.

The system provides the managers with current information enabling them to concentrate on the most important principles of every project: continuous business justification, learning from experience, defining the roles and responsibilities, stage management, management by exception, focusing on project’s products and adjusting to project conditions.

It supports basic project tools and techniques such as: quality management, risk assessment and business justification of projects and allows for effective management of changes and product configuration, as well as for the current tracking of the progress of works.

System’s functionality considers the peculiarities of projects ad their features, which make them different from a regular business activity with special consideration for projects where products and their development processes come in many different configurations and versions.

GoQuality recognizes the uniqueness and multi-functionality of projects – each project registered in the system is conducted separately, with a unique product structure, configuration and versions, a unique project team, stages, budget, risk register and statuses. At the same time it employs the mechanisms of easy initiation and definition of “repetitive” and “similar” projects basing of the predefined templates or previously executed works.

The system covers the whole project lifecycle and all its processes, from the preparatory stage, project initiation and definition, through all execution stages after the project is finished, both from the project management perspective and the management of stages (stage control and stage end management) and the provision of products.

The Management, project managers and other project team members are given access to a simple tool facilitating the planning and execution of a project. Communication is quick, intuitive, requires minimal effort and no paper documentation; the information reaches its recipient in a proper form and scope

GoQuality in this respect helps to meet the requirements of quality systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 10007 and AQAP.