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2KMM systems in a new Data Center

On January 24, 2015 we completed the process of transferring our systems onto the new IT infrastructure. The current environment is designed and manufactured on the basis of efficient storage arrays. The server cluster has been equipped with modern processors as well as fast and reliable network devices. The entire structure is running on the latest server systems and dedicated software for management and monitoring. All critical components are fully redundant, devoid of a single point of failure. High-performance processing servers provide efficient data computing, while data security is supported both by failure resistant disk array and data replication onto the backup Data Center.

All equipment is placed in the new module at 3S Data Center, which has been designed according to the international standard TIA - 942 in class TIER III. Physical safety is guaranteed by data security systems, strict access control and monitoring, modern fire protection systems, and suitable working environment parameters.

Data Center is powered by two independent power lines, as well as electric generators, in case of the grid failure. 3S network access is based on 3 independent fiber connections. The Data Center premises is located outside industrial and flood zones.