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GoResearch™ and 2KMM services quality appreciated by investigators.

In 2013 2KMM participated in over a dozen observational studies using the GoResearch™ platform. After one of them had been concluded participating Investigators were asked to share their opinions regarding the execution of the study and the quality of 2KMM’s service. A special survey* was designed enabling the Investigators to answer questions regarding the GoResearch™ platform and communication with 2KMM’s user support (HelpDesk).

We are pleased to inform that survey results confirmed the high quality of both the GoResearch™ platform and services provided by 2KMM. These results are as follows:

The next step was to determine the Investigators’ preference regarding their participation in future studies executed either electronically (eCRF) or with the use of traditional paper forms. 50% of Investigators expressed their strong preference for eCRF, while 13,5% preferred paper forms (!). Please find the graphical presentation of the results below.

We would like to thank all Investigators for participating in our survey.

* The survey encompassed 22 Investigators and was conducted via special electronic questionnaires.