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The Arythmix 2013 Conference

“Arythmix - atrial fibrillation 2013", the 4th national scientific conference, will take place in the Radisson Blu hotel in Warsaw on 8-9 March 2013. The conference is organized by 2KMM and a scientific committee represented by prof. Maria Trusz Gluza and prof. Andrzej Lubiński. The event will be conducted under the patronage of the Heart Rhythm Section of the Polish Cardiac Society as well as of the Medical University of Łódź. Seven thematic panels managed by leading Polish electrocardiology experts are planned.

2KMM has been closely cooperating with scientific centers and medical sites involved in electrocardiology for a couple of years now. Its solutions included the development and implementation of electrotherapy registries, as well as the support in the organization of scientific conferences and training workshops.

Find more details on Arythmix 2013 at (a Polish version only).