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Work environment

In 2KMM we do our best to maintain a friendly work environment for all of our employees. Our priorities are: comfort, work satisfaction, innovativeness and development, as well as harmony between the professional and private lives.

We strive to make the work environment at 2KMM safe and comfortable.

Although the hierarchic organizational structure implies formal subordination, we prefer casual, direct relations and communication.

Certain positions in 2KMM require a formal outfit, otherwise there is no dress code, and the casual dress is preferred.


2KMM team is not only a group of people working together.

We share common passions and values, despite our different tempers, interests and opinions.

We foster our friendly relations, making them better and stronger.


As a knowledge-based company, we build our success on the creative and open minds, cooperating to achieve a common goal.

Our culture is based on well balanced professional and private lives, as well as on a strong sense of community.

We support an open and sincere dialogue. We respect individualism and differences between people. We have different backgrounds, skills and professional experience.

We are enthusiastic, curious and willing to help.

Our characteristics are: passion, professionalism, commitment, honesty, responsibility, openness, understanding and smile.

We believe in what we do and we always do it with passion.

Development and career

Professionalism is the most important feature for us. We deem highly qualified, innovative and enthusiastic employees the most important asset of our company. Thus we constantly support the professional development of every employee.

2KMM’s employees have an opportunity to participate in various training courses – general, specialist, internal and external –and to be certified in the area of modern technologies and methodologies.

Regardless of the current qualifications of our employees, our ambition is to develop them even more.

In 2KMM everyone can plan his career according to his interests, talents and needs.

Thanks to our constant cooperation with Universities, the students are offered internships, interesting topics of dissertations as well as an opportunity to take up their first jobs.


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