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Welcome to the interactive presentation of the experimental works from 2KMM labs.

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Have you ever wondered if there's a way to efficiently monitor the progress and quality of your study?

Quickly, with just a glimpse that gives you the detailed insight into the parameters of your interest?

Let's have a look at the CRF matrix, a structure that indicates which forms are to be used at specified points in time of the subject's observation events (dark grey squares).
Imagine that for every single square you could define a quota that would allow you to monitor the parameters you are interested in, prepared for your quick visual assessment in a form of a color scale, for example between 0 and 100%, from red color (bad) to blue (great).
Not bad, but we really need more ...

Let's try to find out the way how to make it more comparable to other single observations or more aggregated data.

There is a way.

We can arrange all these squares in a single line, preserving their order of appearance, during the course of a subject observation.

Let's assume that this row indicates total values for all already collected study data.

Now, we can stack up the whole collection, by adding a country or site based metrics, for example.

This is it.

Now try to sort the rows by clicking one of the column headers. This will put them in order, based on one of the underlying metrics. Note that hovering your mouse over the cells brings up a note with some details about the item below.

If you wish to put two rows next to each other, just bring each one of them to the top by clicking on a row label.

Try to click on one row label now.

Wouldn't it be nice to also have a one single value that would give you the assessment of the whole row?

Let's call it a 'grade'.

This will be the overall general performance, or quality index.

The grade value is weighted, it is possible to adjust all components separately. We will get to it very soon.

Don't you feel overburdened with this intense 'matrix' scene, especially due to the not very optimistic color scheme :)?

Try to click on the color scale in order to change the shape of all metrics.

Now, it's time to play around with this tool.

In just seconds you will see a panel that will allow you to change the way the grade calculation is done (weights of separate metrics).

Have fun and give us your feedback! :)

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