Clinical Trial Services

2KMM CRO is a trusted provider of comprehensive solutions and services supporting management and execution of research projects for pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medicine and healthcare.

As a contract research organization we offer substantial expertise in the following areas of clinical research:


GoResearch™ is a fully validated, innovative internet platform for electronic data capture (EDC) with the use of individually customized case report forms (eCRF). Designed with data quality and security, as well as great user experience principles in mind. GoResearch™ meets all industry standards including regulatory requirements of FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and specific areas of GCP regarding electronic data.
The GoResearch™ flexible application programming interface (API) defines secure and reliable external systems integration protocol to boost each study with all the benefits of eSource and Real World Data.

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GoResearch™ App

GoResearch™ App is a dedicated patient or clinician mobile application to support study data collection from electronic questionnaires (e.g. ePRO or eCOA) or connected mHealth devices. Seamlessly integrated with the eCRF platform provides instant data transfer to the study database and direct communication in a form of study alerts and/or reminders. Available for both Android and iOS systems.


GoInsights™ platform gives you the freedom you need to create a data collection or presentation tool that suits your goal best. ePRO, eCOA, eIC or investigators training can be built using various data entry options and enriched with multimedia content. Hardware agnostic and fully responsive delivers equally great user experience to either desktop or mobile devices users. Can be run in a standalone or integrated with the GoResearch™ platform mode.

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eCRF design and development
data management plans
data validation plans
query management
medical coding

protocol development support
statistical analysis plans
statistical design and analysis
final and interim study reports
randomization and blinding

investigator brochures
clinical study reports (CSR)

project management
study documentation development and management
site and patient recruitment
study monitoring
site management

Our experience

50.000 patients

50 studies

14 countries

3.328 investigators

50 studies
50.000 patients