We design and deliver IT solutions that support our clients' business processes, considering desired quality standards.

Quality and security

Provision of the highest quality product by validating the process at every stage of its life cycle. Quality and data security confirmed by ISO 9001 and 27001 certificates and a set of internal SOP procedures.

Optimal solutions supporting business processes

Delivery of optimal quality and scope solutions through cooperation with an experienced, interdisciplinary team of professionals.

Newest technologies

Modern and effective IT tools enabling flexible adaptation to the specific project requirements.

IT services

2KMM IT division takes part in the provision of specialized IT services and solutions. Our most important products have been successfully employed in projects management, supporting the sales and numerous administrative activities. For several years, 2KMM has been awarded Microsoft’s Gold Partner status, which confirms competence and compatibility of delivered IT solutions with Microsoft technologies.


Software development


Software Testing & Quality Assurance


Computerized Systems Validation


Hosting & Maintenance services

Software solutions

GoResearch™ is a fully validated, innovative internet platform for electronic data capture(EDC) created by 2KMM for research projects such as clinical/observational studies andpatients registries. It offers a wide range of features supporting such projects invarious areas such as:

  • data collection with the use of individually customized case report forms (eCRF) to meet the requirements of each study
  • configuration of the information flow and the Adverse Events management procedures (including automatic e-mail notifications to safety departments)
  • random allocation to a treatment arm through the built-in randomization module
  • real-time validation of the registered data (Edit Checks)
  • full tracking of data modifications (Audit Trail)
  • management of queries with an option of automatic query generation
  • Source Data Verification (SDV)
  • ePRO, eSource and mHealth data integration through dedicated mobile and/or web applications or flexible application programming interface (API).

Internet technology employed in the GoResearch™ enables to achieve high efficiency of studies while, at the same time, granting a comfortable use and data security. The most important advantages of such a solution are:

  • high accessibility of services
  • centralized data and data security management
  • flexible access to data without any location or software restrictions.

GoResearch™ meets all industry standards applicable to such systems, including regulatory requirements of FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 and specific areas of GCP regarding electronic data.

GoInsights™ is the revolutionary tool that will completely transform how you collect, analyze and present data.

It’s a platform that allows for easy creation of surveys and other forms of data gathering, one that will analyze results from both computers and mobile devices.

The individualization allowed by GoInsights™ is versatile and allows for custom creation and data monitoring.

Data collection and research have never been so easy!

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GoProject™ is a multimodule software platform for project and quality management, integrating key processes of a modern, quality driven organization. It offers a wide range of features to support organizations’ day-to-day activities in the following areas:

Project management with activity tracking

  • project planning, resource and budget management support
  • project and task based activity reporting and progress monitoring
  • profitability analysis

Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) management

  • repository for document segregation and classification
  • versioning, responsibility and time scope assignments
  • controlled distribution and acknowledgement

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • flexibile e-Learning system features
  • employee or group profile course assignments
  • time frames and automatic notifications
  • course and coach scoring

Centralized personnel CV management

  • structured and unified competence oversight
  • versioning and change management
  • employee self-managed mode

auditomat® is a platform to support the work of lean Managers, production managers, managing directors, auditors and all who monitor compliance in the organisation by performing OHS, 5S, TPM, LPA, BRC, Near Miss and Facility Management audits.

auditomat® is designed for a wide group of professionals who are in need of automation of audit processes and audit results development, management and monitoring of nonconformities and corrective actions as well as support of a production line or machine park management.

Completeness of the auditomat® was confirmed by our clients who listed such benefits as:

  • high customization to the firm’s and users’ needs
  • scheduler to support the regularity of audits
  • fast access – results are available right after the audit is completed
  • total automation of the results development process
  • management and monitoring of nonconformities
  • corrective actions planing
  • all data in one system – multi-level statistics and analyses
  • simplicity in information flow thanks to the ability of sending pictures and attachments

Flexibility of the auditomat® reflects the work in the processes of checking and adhering to audits in the following areas:

  • Lean manager – effective task automation without unnecessary paperwork and manual results processing
  • OHS – possibility of using photo documentation to immediately report any danger and significantly improve work safety in the organisation
  • Production manager – use of control lists for production workers to effectively eliminate unexpected downtime and to assure production continuity
  • CEO, Plant director – effective visual management (all data in one system)
  • Maintenance – machine park management support and unnecessary downtime elimination

Benefits and effects are visible just after a couple of months of work with the auditomat® and mainly include:

  • saving of at least 30% of work time
  • increased productivity
  • effective visual management
  • fast information flow
  • improved safety of work
  • increase in financial results
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