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GoResearch™ at the Jagiellonian University postgraduate studies

GoResearch™ at the postgraduate workshop of Collegium Medicum University of Jagiellonian

For the seventh year in a row, the GoResearch™ platform was used during the electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF) workshops. They are a part of the postgraduate degree program: “Clinical Research - methodology, organization and management”, which is run by Jagiellonian University’s Medical Center for Postgraduate Studies.

During the workshops with the GoResearch™ platform, the participants were introduced to modern tools for Electronic Data Collection/Capture (EDC) workflow. Students were presented with the possibility to practice with the system in both the investigator and Clinical Research Associate roles.

We invite everyone interested in extending their knowledge of organization, planning and execution of clinical research to visit http://www.mckp.uj.edu.pl/studia/badania-kliniczne to learn about the scope of the upcoming 2019/2020 postgraduate course.

More about GoResearch™ can be found here.

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