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Introducing auditomat™

Introducing auditomat™

2KMM launches a new product that supports processes of quality standards monitoring and various types of audits in a company (e.g. OHS, 5S, TPM, LPA, BRC, Near Miss, Facility Managment).

It is designed for a wide group of professionals who are in need of automation of audit processes and audit results development, management and monitoring of nonconformities and corrective actions as well as support of a production line or machine park management.

All these and even more is possible thanks to auditomat™. The software has got already its first satisfied users.

More information about our new product is available in the IT section - Software solutions or at http://auditomat.com

We invite everyone interested to contact us and to discuss auditomat™ possible applications and broad range of benefits and positive effects of its implementation in a company.

Contact us: info@auditomat.com tel: +48 609 331 830 tel: +48 665 440 188

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