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We are launching a new, high-availability server cluster

We are launching a new, high-availability server cluster

At 2KMM we care for our clients’ data not only through applying a restrictive information security policy in accordance with ISO 27001, but also through the regular implementation of more and more advanced technical solutions.

This spring we’re bringing it all up to new levels!!! Our clients’ data are not only “doubly” secure, but the services work faster and we are not afraid of any failure.

We are launching a new server cluster. Its High Availability (HA) will allow the uninterrupted operation of database systems and applications providing IT services. Full hardware redundancy at all levels (power, processors, mass storage, networks, etc.) and operating system redundancy will further increase the security of data processing and the availability of our services.

The cluster employs the latest technologies of the largest hardware and software vendors: Microsoft S2D (Storage Spaces Direct), RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access), Mellanox Gigabit Ethernet, DCN network core, Supermicro, Intel, Samsung. High performance of the environment is guaranteed by the latest Intel Xeon Cascade Lake series processors, DDR4 memory, NVMe disks and 50GbE network, as well as the latest server operating systems and Microsoft solutions (MSSQL, .Net, IIS).

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